William Healey

William Healey



Recent Law Graduate now looking for Employment and was admitted 09/04/2018 at the Supreme Court Qld. I completed a Law degree 2017 USQ and the PLT QUT late 2017 hence now looking to start a new career as a Lawyer.

Prior to the above-mentioned I was trained as a Family Relationship PractitionerCommunity worker both volunteer and paid work and prior to that I had worked as a Technical Support Analyst and computer technician for nearing 20 years. During my volunteered community work I also looked after some 36 children in my home over 6 years. As a Family Relationship Practitioner, I assisted families with court ordered and parenting agreements with supervisions and or with changeovers of contact.

I am open to working in any field of law and look forward to learning, the journey and the experiences.

Recent Law Graduate looking for employment.